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Tucson Turf and Solar 2.jpg

3rd Place Sponsor and

135lb Girls Open Sponsor


70lb Girls Open Sponsor

INDEVCO_STATE LOGO_final_blue-2.jpg

Indevco Construction

73lb School Sponsor

state farm logo.png

76lb Girls Open Sponsor

78 lb Paul Gavitt.png

78lb School Sponsor

INDEVCO_STATE LOGO_final_blue-2.jpg

Kory and Ursula Dingle 

83lb Girls Open and 167lb Sponsor

Journey Janitorial.png

83lb School Sponsor

93 lb Luis Bermudez.png

93lb School Sponsor


88lb School Sponsor

Desert Dogs.jpg

Desert Dogs Wrestling Club

104lb School Sponsor

98 lb The Beck Family.png

98lb School Sponsor

106 Girls Paul Gavitt.png

106lb Girls Open Sponsor

111 pound Aaron Chacon.png

111lb School Sponsor

125 Girls Joseph Belloc.png.jpg

The Belloc Family

125lb Girls Open Sponsor

118 lb Maldonado.png

118lb School Sponsor

133 School Joseph Belloc.png

133lb School Sponsor

Local First AZ - Better Logo.jpg

125lb School Sponsor

Desert Earth Contracting.png

150lb Girls Open Sponsor

Flagstaff Pawn.png

154lb School Sponsor


245lb School Sponsor

180lb School sponsor

180 lb Caudle Family.png
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